A journey into new territory

This project expanded our role beyond the camera into dedicated creative and production consultancy. The brief was nuanced and cultured – a film from Richard Mille saluting 50 years of the UAE, showcased with a bespoke musical composition by renowned French composer Thomas Roussel.

A tall order – 212 metres, to be precise

Our concept imagined Thomas with a 10-piece orchestra performing his piece 60 storeys above the sand on the helipad of Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel. It would be the highest outdoor orchestral performance ever given.

Culturally sensitive – respect to a country,
a client and a composer

Thomas worked with our idea, writing a ‘vertigo effect’ into the violin parts of his piece to riff with the proposed drone and dolly camera work, while pacing the music to match the film’s ‘dawn to dusk’ narrative.

Storyboard? Check! Fitted carpet for the helipad? Check!

An example of a client trusting Northstar to understand, interpret and deliver a complex brief. What began with our creative idea concluded with our team on the ground in Dubai managing local production requirements and some extremely challenging location delivery details in support of RM’s film director. The result: more than 200,000 YouTube views to date.