Audi UK Instagram: transferring audience growth to a new platform  

Great content works – we passionately believe that. And if that content is engaging enough it has rich potential, way beyond just the audience it was conceived for. Building on our long-standing relationship with Audi UK, we had an idea…

We don’t like the term ‘sweat the assets’,
but it has its uses…

At least 30 times each quarter our Audi Update team creates a compelling and engaging piece of new content. A rich seam of raw material already purpose-built to serve Audi UK’s goals. An opportunity to embolden the client’s Instagram feed?

It’s a social media channel, so we made it informal

Audi invited us to trial a weekly Instagram content feed. We let the power of the imagery do most of the talking, curating a seasonal, aspirational grid and adding a brief caption with an engaging, conversational tone.

The power of authenticity

A pacy feed of posts, in an editorial style with no corporate heft, punctuated by a regular Instagram story bringing greater depth to the mix, created real traction. Nearly 10,000 new followers, 1.5m impressions, 60,000 likes, more than a thousand visits to Audi Update – all by repurposing ready-made content to engage with a fresh audience.

Instagram engagement, September - December 2020