How to sell 11,000 brands and 8m products… in 10 seconds

LYST is a fresh-to-market fashion shopping app with ambitions not just to sell products but to change the way you buy them. That’s quite a lot to fit into a 10-second video.

Finding the perfect fit

We know plenty about luxury brands and how to engage the audiences who love them, and we found that our wealth of experience in markets such as watches and automotive could easily be transferred to a premium fashion platform.

Driving people to download and shop

The brief called for fast, effective performance marketing. Two films – five seconds and 10 seconds. Not a sliver of space for fluff or padding. We pitched bold, dynamic messaging, showcasing USPs of breadth and personalisation.

Hook, line and sinker

That was the creative approach – a precision technique. Using kinetic typography, brand recall moments emphasising brand colour and logo throughout, strong, simple action messages (shop, download, install) and punchy V/O…

Editorial principles ALWAYS work

Crucially, even with just 10 seconds to play with, we inserted a change of pace to reinforce attention. The Northstar way is to apply storytelling to every piece of communication – because people love stories, and people remember them.