Not just part of the solution, but all of it

The McLaren Artura is the most important new model launch in the company’s history. Typically as many as half a dozen agencies would be deployed to create a global suite of launch assets. But it is winter 2020. Much of the world is in lockdown. They’ll only get one shot at this…

Making great drama (during a crisis)

They needed a hero launch film, three product films, 60 images for social media and 40 more for marketing, brochures and their website. Most of all, they needed a pin-sharp idea, and a deliverable plan. We produced both.

‘Every road we’ve driven…’

That was our vision – bold and confident. The script was born from our deep-rooted understanding of the brand and the exact positioning of this car. From McLaren we would need just two things: access to the only three functioning Artura prototypes, and total trust.

Portugal or bust

Restrictions prevented client attendance on location. We were on our own (unless you count a three-unit crew of producers, art directors, videographers, photographers, editors, writers and location managers). Time was tight – eight days in Portugal, with further units shooting backgrounds from Monaco to Le Mans, Monument Valley to the Nürburgring.

Four aspects to the car, four secured locations

We projected Artura’s personality in four specifically sourced, locked down locations – the open road, urban settings, a luxury house and a race circuit. Two months in the planning, six weeks in post-production. Every global asset created and delivered under pressure. Many challenges, one agency.