The McLaren 750S. Distilled.

We created the virtual launch of the McLaren 750S. Our next challenge was to build on that momentum, to sustain the message, to nurture that audience. To make it real. How?

The 750S launch had a slogan: ‘Benchmark. Beaten’

But slogans are just hyperbole, mere marketing messages we push towards the audience. Now we need to reverse that process. We need to pull the audience towards us.

That slogan – what if it was about a person, someone like you?

What if it was your benchmark, your quest, your achievement? What if the 750S wasn’t just a car? What if you could look it in the eye?

We found the 750S in human form

His name was Simon Billy, a skier. Like McLaren, he was already the best. Like McLaren, he wanted to be better still. Like McLaren, he pushed the boundaries of technology. Like McLaren, he thought the unthinkable. And like McLaren, he achieved the impossible – 160mph on skis. Downhill. The fastest skier on earth.

We introduced McLaren to themselves

And they really hit it off. In the Alps, on the snow of the slopes and on the Alpine roads and the track, we filmed car and skier, each pushing their boundaries, beating their benchmarks, morphing and merging two thrilling visual feats together until Simon himself is behind the wheel of the 750S. His V/O grippingly draws McLaren into his own narrative.

Drama x hard yards

The film is epic. Leveraging every millimetre from our logistical plan, we created edits for all channels plus social cuts, a suite of dynamic images of the car on track and road, storytelling images with Simon, nurture imagery to support the sustainment campaign, and filmed three bespoke editorial features for the McLaren content hub.

McLaren sets us benchmarks…

…almost as tough as those it sets itself. That's what happens when you work with the best – and that's why we love it. Like Simon Billy, and like the 750S’s like-minded target audience, we never stop pushing for those marginal gains.