Talking about technology without talking about technology

The client is Bentley. Bentley is an automotive brand seeking to reposition as a tech brand. It has lots of automotive tech to promote. But it wants a fresh approach.

Technology is only interesting if…

…it improves your life. So we focus on the human experience rather than the technology. Instead of describing how it works, we relate what the tech does to what the customer needs.

Talking Gen B: Bentley’s new demographic

We are briefed to create a series of short films supporting tech advances on the new Bentayga. The target customer is younger, more savvy, culturally diverse. The mechanism is fast and social, pushing through multiple channels.

A different narrative

The star of the films is not the car, not the tech, but the person. Her experience – of yoga, chiropractic manipulation, swimming, martial arts – represents the tech featured in each film. We film her through the prism of that experience. Subtle, evocative, slow-staged but fast cut. Edgy but luxurious. The epitome of Gen B.

Relaxing to watch…

…hard work to make. A big production team from Northstar, tech support from Bentley, stylists, make-up, hair and wardrobe, all working at night, rushing from closed swimming pool to cordoned-off city streets. A week-long whirlwind to deliver 6 x 30 seconds of calm.