Electrifying a website

We’re presented with a simple premise. You can’t succeed as a cutting-edge, game-changing start-up business if your website sends a different message. Obvious answer: go all-out modern, funky, dynamic…

More than one purpose

The client is Charge Cars, launching to market with a unique EV reimagining of Steve McQueen’s ‘Bullitt’ Ford Mustang. A super-cool, super-premium product. But the brief has key caveats…

Cool but effective

The site needs to exactly replicate the smart, aspirational quality of the product while also drawing in real customers by selling the product hard. To do what Apple does – but on a tight budget.

Keep it moving

Northstar reconfigured the navigation of the site, tearing down layers to present a seamless flow of information and visualisation. Without a bespoke video budget, we used CGI cutaways, short-clip edits from existing video and colour-change animations to make the site fluid and mobile.

Plain speaking

Messaging was tight and focused, short enough to hold the attention but clear enough to give would-be customers enough ammunition to inform a buying decision. The end result is dynamic, intriguing, and delivered with great confidence.